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Introducing the best value membership platform for all clubs… Online Club Manager!

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We have just launched our membership platform for all clubs, Online Club Manager. Designed to make club management easier and affordable for all clubs, large or small.

It is for sport clubs, swim schools, after-school clubs, church groups, youth groups and any group!

Online Club Manager provides tools to help with club management, award tracking, programme and event planning, parent communications and much more! It will help save club volunteers, instructors, staff and parents precious time.

With our safe, secure and well loved platform already used by over 100,000 youth group leaders globally, it made sense to adapt our platform for all clubs to be able to manage their club admin too. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from clubs who just couldn’t afford the monthly fees other membership software companies were charging. We’re looking forward to helping many more clubs save time and money, and get back to doing the things they love instead of being bogged down with club administration.”

Explains Zoe Chamberlain, Online Youth Manager’s Marketing Manager.

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