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Where it all started…

Back in 2011, Ed Jellard created Online Scout Manager after being frustrated with all the administration work needed to be an effective Scout leader. From day one, Online Scout Manager formed a community of Scout leaders and with their feedback, the system has evolved to become exactly what leaders need to easily manage their groups.

Online Scout Manager grew in the UK through word of mouth and now has more than 100,000 leaders choosing to use it – over 95% of all UK Scouting! Following its huge success, Online Guide Manager was created specifically for the needs of leaders and associations in the Guiding community and Online Brigade Manager was launched for The Boy’s Brigade across the UK and Republic of Ireland in 2016.

Online Youth Manager looks after Online Scout Manager, Online Guide Manager and Online Brigade Manager and, with our growing international support team, we can adapt our system to the needs of any youth association around the world.

“I started Scouting in 2009 and took over the troop in 2011, and I quickly realised that I was spending more time being a “Troop Administrator” than a “Scout Leader”. After spending a term battling with spreadsheets, I decided there had to be a more efficient way that’d let me do what I enjoy – delivering scouting – so Online Scout Manager was born! OSM was instantly successful and its local success has led it to be the system of choice for Scouting and Guiding around the world. As it has grown, I have grown the Online Youth Manager team, generally from local leaders, so we all have a personal understanding and passion for your sector.”

Ed, OYM Founder