Who is the system for?

It is designed for membership organisations, that have an association head office base and multiple leaders, who manage a large membership, typically running into thousands.  The organisation is able to keep a finger on the pulse of their entire organisation and the leaders benefit by managing all their administration online. Go to features > 
We have systems for scout, guide and other club leaders to be able to manage their administration online:

How can the system help my organisation?

Our membership system gives you a full and comprehensive picture of your organisation and its activity. Our head office features will give you the tools to:
  • Know how many members you have
  • Have access to every aspect of your organisation’s data
  • Easily report on all of your members’ activities and their success
  • Communicate to all of your leaders and their members and parents
Find out how we’ve already helped organisations around the world. Go to customers >

How much does the system cost?

We have an incredibly high-value product which can be accessed at a low cost, saving individual associations from investing in bespoke systems. We work with small and large organisations worldwide and our pricing is based on your individual association needs.

How is the system kept safe and secure?

The security of your data is paramount to our business and we know it is to you too, so all access to the system is tightly controlled through customisable permissions, ensuring only the right people have access to the data held in the system. The system is Data Protection Act compliant, and for added reassurance, the system is penetration tested by an external company.

Can the system integrate with our existing systems?

We are able to work with you to migrate your data into our system, and if required, we can investigate integration with your existing systems.

What support is provided whilst we use the system?

We will work with you and your team to launch the system and to help you understand and use the system to the best of its and your ability. We have a large support team of leaders that answer questions as they arise, as well as a help area with tutorials and demos. Our users have created a strong community within our forums, with mutual support by leaders from all over the world who answer questions moment by moment.

I’m interested! What are the next steps?

Get in touch with us on the enquiries page to arrange a call to answer any questions you may have and to find out more about your needs. Go to enquiries >