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"Online Brigade Manager is very easy to use and will do so much to simplify our Company administration so we will be able to focus more time on delivering an exciting programme of activities to our young people rather than dealing with a variety of spreadsheets and pieces of paper!"

Tom, Boys’ Brigade Leader, 3rd Enfield

"IGG and OYM initiated a project to develop a new membership administration system. The result is a fantastic system which allows for interaction between Leaders at unit level, at various hierarchical levels within IGG and at national level on membership information. I would recommend Online Youth Manager to other youth organisations that require membership information across all levels. "

Amanda O’Sullivan, Assistant Chief Commissioner, Irish Girl Guides

"Since inheriting my Scout Leader role, a busy work schedule made it hard to keep up with the records; until I found Online Scout Manager! OSM has revolutionised running administration so we can devote our time to the things that matter most. Use Web, Android, and iPod Touch/iPhone versions which all work well together - it's a revolution!!"

Gareth Rhys, Scout Leader, Eastcombe

"Online Scout Manager has completely made life much easier, gone is the paperwork system which seemed to be endless and in has come OSM on PC and iPad. It's great being told when we can award badges and not second guessing if they have completed all the tasks... Simply fantastic!"

Mark, Group Scout Leader, 1st Turton St. Annes

"Online Scout Manager is truly first class. One truly marvellous feature is that it gives you access to literally hundreds of programme ideas (which are building all the time) which have devised by fellow Scouters to help achieve both Challenge and Activity Badges. These ideas alone make the subscription worth every penny."

Alan, Cub Scout Leader, Ash Green (and General Editor of The Scout Association 1980 – 1983)

"Online Guide Manager has been brilliant; a real timesaver. I can put most pieces of paperwork I need onto OGM, store it there and retrieve it at a moment's notice. My team access it too and we have found it invaluable. I would recommend OGM to anyone in Guiding. I am spreading the word!!"

Claire, Brownie Leader, 1st Walnut Tree Brownies

"Online Scout Manager is amazing and has revolutionised my life. I now enjoy organising activities and events because I know the information will reach the parents and they will let me know if their child will attend. Contact details are available at the touch of a button and there’s amazing activity ideas which are linked to badges. You are brilliant!"

Pip, Scout Leader, 28th Oxford

"We have found working with OYM to be very professional and proficient in all aspects of our relationship from the initial negotiations to the launch and now through the adoption phase. The OYM team are genuinely committed to sharing and building a solution that helps to empower our youth membership by freeing up our frontline leaders with a streamlined administration tool."

Niamh Lawless, CEO, SCOUTS New Zealand

"Online Scout Manager has made my role as the administrator for our Scout Troop so much easier. The children are getting more badges and being awarded them more quickly. I love the way the information is all together in one safe place which makes it so easy to update records or send out emails at a press of a few buttons."

Maria Treadwell, Assistant Scout Leader, 1st Highworth