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SaaS vs. Bespoke Software for Membership Organisations

22nd November 2019 Tagged under: SaaS, Membership Software, software, Awards

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Cloud-based software has developed a lot over recent years. There are endless options out there, one of which is software as a service (SaaS). The question is - are SaaS models better than bespoke solutions for membership organisations?

In this blog we will be discussing three key elements to consider when looking at SaaS or Bespoke solutions for your membership organisation.

Features & Customisation

The biggest advantage of using a bespoke solution is the ability to customise it to your exact requirements. The difficult part is knowing exactly what your requirements are. Feature lists can often become over-complicated, or you may not even be aware of what you actually require.

SaaS solutions biggest benefit is that it will typically meet most standard needs and will have evolved their features to fit the growing requirements of their customers. Additionally, SaaS solutions will often help you identify features you may not have thought of, but they won’t necessarily meet all your requirements ‘out of the box’.

Integration & Improvements

An important element of any new solution is how it integrates with your current systems and processes. Bespoke customised solutions allow you to add features as and when you require them, and you can design it to integrate with your current software. 

SaaS models often have open APIs allowing them to integrate with third party software. The SaaS model means you will benefit from continuous product development,  as they are looking to keep up with competition, meet different customer requirements and ensure maximum satisfaction. 

Price & Timescales

The largest difference between bespoke software and SaaS solutions is the time and money it takes to implement. Bespoke software is expensive and depending on requirements, can take years to build and implement. SaaS models are much cheaper and as they are already built to satisfy most requirements, they can be implemented in just weeks.

To summarise, SaaS solutions are a cheaper and quicker option that could help you understand the functionalities you actually require. If you are 100% sure you know your exact needs, and want to invest in a system that’s unique to you, you’ll likely want a bespoke solution.

Looking for the best of both worlds?

Online Youth Manager is the most widely used membership platform for uniformed member organisations around the world. Our SaaS solution comes with all the standard features you expect from a membership software, but it can also be customised to your specific requirements. Please do get in touch if you’re looking for a system to support, understand and transform your whole organisation!